On Wednesday 23rd November the Dare2Dream winners with the Dare2Dream and KLM team left Lagos via KLM!!! This was the very first time the dare2dream girls left Nigeria. 

Milan is full of historical sites, museums, good food, and above all it is famous for its arts and fashion. Kinabuti, which birthed the D2D initiative, was having an exhibition at Natura Donna Impresa, ethical expo celebrating women excellence.

On Friday, 25th of November, the team kicked things off with a trip to modelling agency in Milan for the girls to learn a few modeling tips as well as for them do an interview for an Italian radio. After the modeling agency, the KLM Dare2Dream Milan experience team went to the Photo Vogue Festiva lwhere Nigerian art curator Azu Nwabogu was featuring photos as part of Lagos Photos initiatives. The photos were absolutely amazing and the D2D girls also got the chance to do a quick lookbook shoot for Kinabuti with the gorgeous photos in the background. On Saturday 26th of November, the plan for the day was a photo shoot with the D2D girls and international photographer Filippo Mutani. We visited quite a number of places for the shoot including the park and a city gate called the Arco Della Pace (which means Arch of Peace). On Sunday 27th of November, Kinabuti hosted a Press Conference at “Natura Donna Impresa”  and Francesca and Caterina, of the Kinabuti team, also received a grant to help them finance their philanthropic services in Africa. On Monday 28th November the KLM Dare2Dream returned to Milan. Here are some photos from the experience.