EPISODE 16 #D2D Day 21

It is the day before the Final event and the time has come for the 4th round of eliminations that will determine the 4 girls that will participate in the Grand finale, the judge for the last elimination includes Caterina Creative Director of Kinabuti, Didier UK based stylist and Valentina: Celine (Unilag) and Sandra (Uniport) were asked to leave the CD2D project,  later on Caterina and the D2D finalist move to cool fm for a final interview with OAP Manny to increase publicity for the Grand Finale.

Caterina (creative director) with D2D finalist at radio interview with OAP Mannie of cool fm

D2D finalist at cool fm

D2D participants ready for last round of elimination

D2D participants Tolu and Chiamaka