Episode 13 #D2D Day17

Today is the last day of the D2D master classes, at FCMB the D2D participants meet with media personalityToke Makinwa, CEO of Bobby Taylor, a PR outfit Bukky Karibi Whyte, and Spice TV channel manager Yoanna Pepper Chikezie.  Toke speaking about dreams, she said “there is no such a thing as opportunity given, I will go out there and find that opportunity”. Yoanna talked about her background, she said “I grew up in a council estate, there is no role model there. I had to find my own role model”. Bukky talking about the set-up of the Bobby Taylor PR agency said “I used all the experiences I had and learnt from everywhere”.  After the mentors completed their presentations,   the 2nd round of eliminations started, with the guest speakers as panel of judges, Stella (UniUyo) and Favor (UniUyo) were asked to leave the Dare2Dream project.